About us

At Bonanno Vintners, our unwavering commitment is fueled by an unbridled passion for crafting exceptional, fruit-focused wines sourced from the bountiful vineyards of California.  Family owned and operated since 2004, our dedication is simple: we aspire to create wines that not only display excellent craftsmanship and varietal accuracy but also consistently exceed expectations in terms of value.

A fundamental element of our winemaking journey is the enduring partnership we have forged with our dedicated grower partners. These relationships form the cornerstone of our winemaking philosophy, and together, we endeavor to bring you the finest expressions of California’s vineyard treasures.

Our Founder

Growing up in Ohio with a family heavily involved in supply and distribution, wine and food were always at the forefront for Matt Bonanno. He cut his teeth in the industry early in life and his story is the BonAnno Wine Story.

Today, Matt lives in Chicago with his wife and two daughters, ultimately splitting his time between Chicago and Napa Valley/Sonoma. As a family, they are closely tied to the business. Matt has always enjoyed cooking and has a passion for bringing friends and family together with wine and food. That tradition only seems to continue as his daughters have started taking over his kitchen.

Our Winemaker

Meet Jim Milone, a true North Coast native with deep-rooted ties to the region. As a fourth-generation winegrower, Jim’s family legacy in winemaking traces back to the days when his great-grandfather laid the foundation for their inaugural family winery in Hopland, a heritage that predates the Prohibition era.

Jim’s knowledge and expertise commenced at a tender age, as he absorbed the art and science of winemaking from seasoned vintners who generously shared their time-tested wisdom, acquired over decades of work in the vineyards.

A well-rounded 43-year (and counting!) career allows Jim to have his hands in all aspects of the winemaking business—from establishing and managing vineyards, winemaking and cellar work, to sales and distribution, Jim has a true “grape to glass” knowledge base.

Marketing & Sales

Cindy Woodman is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in the wine and spirits, boasting over 15 years of experience in all channels of the industry.  Her career has been marked by notable achievements, showcasing her expertise and dedication to the field.  Her passion for wine began with her studies abroad in Italy where she discovered her true passion for all things wine.  

Her role at Bonanno Vintners entails driving growth and fostering brand recognition across the US marketplace.  Drawing on her extensive network of industry contacts and her comprehensive understanding of market trends, she formulates and executes successful strategies to expand the reach of Bonanno Wines.  Passionate about family, cooking, and gardening, she brings a joy to our brand.